Autumn is Coming …

14th August 2021

Farm Update … Harvest Begins

As the school holidays continue, August is one of Farmer Percy’s busiest months. It’s harvest time at Humble Bee!

Harvest Time

The hot July weather helped ripen the fields to a lovely golden colour and although we’ve had some pretty sharp showers, the harvest is now underway.

If you’re staying with us here at the place to bee, you will see the tractors, trucks and a combine harvester hard at work in the pastures around the farm.

As you make your way around our farm walks (we have three to choose from) see if you can count the rounded bales that have started to appear!

Cloud Spotting 

The summer skies over Humble Bee Farm have been crammed with lots of amazing clouds! Big fluffy white ones, spectacular stormy ones and other times, we’ve had some really high clouds that look like lace in the sky.

If you are staying with us, be sure to look up and see hopefully blue skies and enjoy the amazing cloud formations, too.

Goodbye, Swallows

We always welcome their arrival in the early summer, and then we watch them fly away again as the summer draws to a close.

The swallows have been swooping and calling to each other as they raise their young and they’re now preparing to fly south again.

Hello, Guinea Pigs

As you know our farmyard gang includes ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, Tilly (our Shetland Pony), pigs, cows, sheep, our dogs, cat and now guinea pigs!

These little furry creatures just love nibbling on carrots and scurrying about all day in their spacious pen.

Looking Forward to the Autumn

Autumn is on the horizon and once the harvest is completed, then Farmer Percy will have a lot of jobs to do over the autumn and into the winter.

Keep reading our blog for the latest updates!