Terms and Conditions


All two night bookings to be paid in full when you make your bell tent booking, the remaining balance is due/payable six weeks before arrival.

We only except payment by BACS and by Paypal.


We do not give a refund on any bookings made at Merry Dales Bell tents under any circumstances. If you give 1 month notice in writing, we can try and fill the booking, we will try to offer you alternative dates, if we have successfully filled your dates.


In the event of leaving early (for any reason) NO REFUNDS will be given. Your booking is a legally binding contract and in the event of cancellation or curtailment no refund will be given. This also applies to weather conditions, if you choose to cancel your booking due to weather, a refund will not be offered.

In addition any damage to the site and Bell tents contents could incur extra charges.

Pets – dogs and cats

Pets will not be welcome to stay in the Bell tents alternatively try a wigwam.

Damages or breakages

Please note any damage to site facilities or to a Bell tent, including when a Bell tent is left in an unsatisfactory state, will incur additional charges. Any items left behind in a Bell tent must be claimed within two weeks of departure. If relevant, postage and packing charges for the return of goods will apply.

Guests are NOT permitted to remove any of the bell tents provided furniture.

Please ensure you leave your bell tent in a clean and tidy state.

Age restrictions

We do not accept bookings from unaccompanied adults aged 21 or under. Please see our additional Terms and Conditions for any group bookings we may accept. We are NOT a site if you want to 'party' – Humble Bee Farm is a peaceful, rural location ideal for relaxation with the family, with lots of peace and quiet.


Only Humble Bee Farm firepits allowed on site, which can be purchased from reception. You can hire a fire pit for £10 per pit per night – only timber supplied by us can be used. You are NOT permitted to bring your own firepit – any guest fire pits will be confiscated immediately. You are NOT permitted to use branches, debris, or other items you may see around the farmstead. All timber and similar flammable materials are the property of the owners.Please ensure you use your Humble Bee Farm firepit safely.


There is a gas bbq provided with your Bell tent. If any disposable bbqs are used, they must be kept off the grass and disposed of as directed by Humble Bee Farm staff.


We are a Low Noise Policy Site. Please consider other guests and keep noise to a minimum, especially after our 9.30pm watershed. Music is not permitted on site.

Driving at Humble Bee Farm

The speed limit is 5mph around the park. PLEASE ENSURE YOU STICK TO THIS SPEED LIMIT. This is for Health and Safety reasons, and for the benefit of children and animals that may be sharing Humble Bee Farm with you. No transit vans allowed on site without prior notice.


There is a parking space provided with each Bell tent. Your tariffs cover you for one car per Bell tent. Additional cars incur a charge and must be parked in the car park. Please let us know if you wish to bring additional vehicles.

Waste & Rubbish

Wipes, sanitary waste, nappies, cloths etc must not be flushed down the toilets. Bins are provided – please make sure you use them. These items must be wrapped and put in the bin provided. Please empty any liquid waste into designated drain. Refuse area situated near the reception. Please do not drop litter. The red BIFFA bin can be used for general waste.


Please make use of the recycling facilities provided. We have recycling bins for glass, cardboard, plastics and paper near to reception.

Bell tent repairs

Please let us know immediately if any repairs are required to your tent during your stay. The owners reserve the right to enter your wigwam for service or repairs

Children must be accompanied when using the toilet block facilities. Please be aware of where your children are and what they are doing at all times.

Farm safety

Please ensure your children do not use the farm buildings as play areas, and do not play on any farm machinery.

The farm pond

Please ensure your children are accompanied when passing the pond, and if feeding the ducks. Please do not allow your children to play around this area.

Emergency telephone numbers

A list of emergency numbers is available in the shower/toilet blocks and for emergencies a telephone is available in reception during certain times.

Cars on site

Please note transit vans, or larger vehicles are not allowed on site. Thank you for your cooperation. 

The owners of the park

Are absolved of all liability for accidents, loss or damage to guests' personal property.

We reserve the right to ask guests not observing the conditions to leave the park without refunds and with immediate effect.

British Weather

Camping in Britain can mean unpredictable weather. Whilst we supply certain facilities and equipment, it is still camping and you are responsible for your own well being and comfort regarding appropriate clothing and footwear etc. Be aware the tents are cotton canvas and in prolonged and heavy rain the tents may leak. Merry Dales Bell Tents cannot be held responsible for poor weather conditions during your stay.

Can you dispose of gas canisters/cylinders at Humble Bee Farm?

Unfortuantely not, we do not dispose of these at Humble Bee you will need to take them home with you.