Down on the Farm!

11th May 2020

On these fantastic bright spring days, and in the current situation, going outside is what everyone wants to do and there is so much to explore on our doorstep at home. Let’s start with opening our eyes and taking in the colours around us. What’s the main colour bursting from every leaf? Its green! How many shades of green can you see? Bet you didn’t know there were so many. Why not have a competition to see how many everyone in your family can find.
But there is more than just the colour green outside, there’s so many more, now flowers are in bloom.

Everyone has been drawing rainbows for thanking our carers, can you find all the colours of the rainbow outside in your garden or when you go out for a walk? Here is what I found and put together to form my natural rainbow.
Video of rainbow colours in flowers
The brightly coloured petals that you see are attracting insects to the flowers. The insects feed on the nectar at the bottom of the flower. When they are feeding, pollen from the flower often falls onto their backs or legs and so when the insect flies to another flower they take this pollen with them and it drops into the next flower. This is called pollination and it is how flowers start to make seeds which will then grow into new plants.

Next time you are outside look out for any insects visiting flowers, it might be a butterfly, a hoverfly or a bee. Look carefully to see how they feed, do they have a long tongue to poke down into the flower? See if you can spot any pollen on the legs of a bee, you should be able to see tiny specks of yellow dust which is the pollen. Follow the bee from one flower to another.
So next time you go outside have a good look around you to see all the fantastic colours in our environment and when you are staying at Humble Bee farm join in with one of our family events all about wildlife.