It's been a merry - and busy - month of May so far at Humble Bee Farm!

With the arrival of the warmer weather (after a cool, sunny and dry start to the spring), Farmer Percy has weaned the Berkshire Red piglets, who now live in the barn.

Our Berkshire Red sows will be having another set of piglets later this summer, thanks to a magnificent Oxford Sandy Black boar, who'll be staying with us at Humble Bee for about a month.

The cattle, calves, sheep and lambs are all enjoying the lush grass of the Yorkshire Wolds, while the potato crop has now been planted.

The resulting spuds go to nearby McCains and then to a famous fast food chain later this year!

Our resident barn owl is busy hunting for mice, voles and worms, and has used one of our owl boxes - we're hoping there are some cute owlets inside, but we're keeping our distance so we don't disturb mum and dad.

One aspect of the weather we can't control is the rainfall. Visitors to Humble Bee will see how empty our duck pond is. While water levels are okay at the moment, like many other farmers in our area, we could do with some of the wet stuff for the crops and hedgerows. We just hope it rains at night so everyone can enjoy the sunshine during the day!