Alfie contemplating the Bumble Bee track!


Guests who are also keen runners here at Humble Bee will probably have discovered one of our best-kept secrets – our off-road Bumble Bee 5K run!

Taking in chalk pathways, grassy tracks and some steep hills, the run reveals the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds and puts your body to the test.

The Bumble Bee route starts near the barns at Humble Bee's main car park and follows a chalk track uphill to a gate.

At the gate, runners (or walkers) need to take a sharp left, following the uneven grassy track around one of our fields and incorporating the southern border of the farm, keeping the hedgerows to your right.

The route runs parallel with a section of the Yorkshire Wolds Way before heading northwards back to Humble Bee's duck pond.

With some short sharp gradients, uneven terrain and a chance to engage your brain as well as your leg muscles, this is a great off-road run.

Why not time yourself as you tackle this trail?

There's also the much shorter (but uphill-and-down-dale) Piggy Back Walk which serves as a great warm up of approximately 10 minutes' run time.

So whether you're a seasoned runner, or doing the Couch to 5K challenge, come and stay with us and have a great run too!