So it's been a busy spring (if a bit of a chilly one) here at 'the place to be'!

Lambing is one of Farmer Percy's most hectic times of year and he's had his hands full with the arrival of Texel lambs.

The lambs are now ready head out to the lush pastures of the Yorkshire Wolds, along with their hard-working mums.

Farmer Percy's flock has over 100 new lambs, all full of energy! 

Calving is also well underway, with mums and babies doing well.

Our two sows are now expecting piglets and they will be due later in the spring.

One of the best-known traditions of farming is a tractor run, when tractors make their way along a designated route.

Humble Bee Farm will be a point on this route at the end of April.

Oh, and Farmer Percy hit the headlines recently when he was featured in our local paper, the Scarborough News.

He made the front page of the paper and then had a two page article with lots of photos of the sheep, lambs and also a newly-born calf.

The birdlife around the farm has now begun to stir so no doubt nest-building and egg-hatching will happen very soon.

Our hens are happliy laying eggs on a regular basis and enjoy the odd crust of bread from the guests.