The autumn is here!

The nights are drawing in and the temperatures are dropping - yet the work never stops on our working farm.

During the autumn, it's preparation time for the forthcoming spring.

Some of our fields have been cultivated or ploughed, getting rid of the summer stubble and turning over the fertile soil.

Once this has been done, we move onto the drilling, which includes planting the seeds ready for the springtime.


The autumn is a key time for our flock of 100 ewes as three rams have now arrived at Humble Bee Farm in preparation for the lambing season. 

This means we hope to have our lambing season in March and you can join us here at Humble Bee for our lambing weekends on 8th and 9th March; 15th and 16th March; 22nd and 23rd March 2019.

The ewes include six heritage Leicester Longwools. Their fleeces have yet to grow into the distinctive curly locks for which the breed is famous, so we'll keep you posted about this.

belted one

Our cattle are still in the pastures around Humble Bee Farm at the moment, but they'll be moving into the comfy barns very soon ready for calving time.

We've also installed hedgehog houses ready for the winter. Our little spikey friends are in need of shelter during the cold weather and we've now installed some hedgehog shelters on our farm.

Our happy hens, which also have their own chicken run, have been laying some delicious, golden-yoked eggs. There's lots of clucking going on, so we know when our ladies are busy!