As you know we're a working farm here at Humble Bee Farm, with our farmyard gang and our farm walks.

While there has been some much needed rain over the last few days, we've managed to start the harvest here at Humble Bee.

There have been combine harvesters in the fields and there's been some baling going on, too.

The crops this year include barley, wheat and broad beans which are made into animal feed.

Our mixed herd of cattle are keeping us on our toes with another new arrival this weekend! Farmer Percy's 34th calf of the season, this time a bull calf. Both mum and baby are doing well.

We also have our sows and piglets are still in their cool, spacious barn during this heatwave. The piglets are growing very fast and all have different markings.

We had a little surprise a week or two back. Some new ducklings appeared on our pond! They were little balls of fluff when they first hatched and mum was very attentive.

Our happy hens, which also have their own chicken run, have been laying some delicious, golden-yoked eggs. There's lots of clucking going on, so we know when our ladies are busy!


As well as our new small herd of belted galloways, the rest of the herd, which are mixed breeds, are also out in the open fields and enjoying endless grazing as the grass grows under the wamth of the sun.

The wildlife around the farm is also buzzing with life. We have lots of wild birds and hares which make regular appearances.

Even Alfie has found it to be a bit hot, and often seeks shade with his tongue on one side.