Farmer Percy has had a busy time of it with his two sows, who are currently in one of our comfy barns surrounded by lots of hay!

Both our sows has recently delivered their litters of gorgeous piglets.

The pigs are in one of our barns, so they can look after their little ones in cooler environment. Farmer Percy is keeping a watchful eye on them and we'll keep you updated.

Our happy hens, which also have their own chicken run, have been inspired by the recent sunshine and have been laying some delicious, golden-yoked eggs. There's lots of clucking going on, so we know when our ladies are busy!


Our Texel sheep, including this year's lambs, are now in the fields, nibbling on the fresh spring grass. Most of our sheep have also been sheared ready for the warmer months.

As well as our new small herd of belted galloways, the rest of the herd, which are mixed breeds, are also out in the open fields and enjoying endless grazing as the grass grows under the wamth of the sun.

The wildlife around the farm is also buzzing with life. We have a number of blackbirds who lead the dawn chorus and keep us entertained with their lovely birdsong and buttercup-yellow beaks.

The farm is just about ready to welcome summer and Alfie, our sheepdog, lets us know the weather is warming up!