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Humble Bee Farm | Special Events, Farm Holiday, North Yorkshire

Stargazing Spectacular
Saturday 28 October 2017, 08:00pm - 09:30pm

Saturday 28th October is the perfect night for The Terminator. But fear not, we won't be attacked by an indestructible robot. The Terminator is the line that marks the boundary between light and dark on the moon. And on this night it splits the moon neatly in half. Looking at it through telescopes (or even binoculars) we will see the sun rising over mountains and craters, casting its long shadows across the lunar surface.

Above us will be the Summer Triangle of stars and in its midst a beautiful double star called Albireo, shining blue and gold like a jewel in the sky. The Pleiades Cluster also makes an appearance. With good eyesight the 'Seven Sisters' can be picked out, but how many can you see through a telescope? And if you want to see beyond our own galaxy then how about a visit to our neighbour, the Andromeda Galaxy? A mere 250,000 light years away but getting closer all the time!

 Should the weather not be good we will have to unfortunately cancel the event.

Bring warm clothing, suitable footwear, and a torch.

The event at Humble Bee will run from 8:00pm until 9.30pm on 28th October

There is £5 per person fee chargeable by the astronomical society, which is a registered charity.

To join in, book your holiday accomodation by clicking here.

**pre booking is essential**

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