04 Mar



Mar 04 @ 15:00 pm


Mar 27 @ 10:00 am


Book your stay with us here at Humble Bee Farm for weekends throughout March (Fridays and Saturdays), and experience the wonder of seeing lambs making their very first entrance into the world at Humble Bee Farm.

This event is for residents staying on site only, is free of charge, and takes place every Saturday in March at 10am

Every Friday in March 

  • Arrive from 3pm, settle in (remember to bring warm clothing and footwear)
  • Order your fire pit – not forgetting the marshmallows
  • Relax and enjoy your first evening – our lambing barn is open for a quiet visit!

Every Saturday in March

  • Introduction and welcome at 10am, in the Lambing Barn
  • See if there have been any new arrivals overnight
  • Farmer Percy will start his demo 
  • Pop into our shop for souvenirs, refreshments at The Hive Cafe Bar and information on the local area!

Every Sunday in March

  • Get ready for leaving by 10am, but pop over to the barn to see who’s arrived
  • Say farewell to the farmyard gang and any new friends you have made

Please note pregnant women are not advised to visit the lambing barn.

Dogs are unfortunately not allowed to this event.

Fantastic for children as they enjoy this new experience with all the sights and sounds of a working farm in springtime!

Young children must be accompanied at all times. Baby carriers (ie sling, papoose or harness) strongly advised for new-borns or young babies.

Health & Safety on the Farm

• Do not put hands on faces or fingers in mouths while petting animals or walking round the farm

• Do not kiss farm animals nor allow children to put their faces close to animals

  • Do not eat or drink while touching animals or walking round the farm. This includes not eating sweets, crisps or chewing gum.
  • Do not eat anything that has fallen on the floor.
  • Do not use gels or wipes instead of washing hands with soap andwater. Gels and wipes do not remove E. coli O157 that is in dirt.
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after youhave touched animals, fences or other surfaces in animal areas.
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water beforeeating or drinking.
  • Do wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water afterremoving dirty shoes or boots that have been worn on the farm.
  • Do supervise children closely to ensure that they wash theirhands thoroughly.
  • Do eat and drink in picnic areas or cafes only.