Humble Bee’s Farmyard Gang

Autumn is here, and it’s see what’s happening with the Farmyard Gang.

Our farmyard gang includes rabbits, sheep, lambs, donkeys, alpacas, guinea pigs, goats and hens.

We’ve also got our two farm cats (a boy and a girl) and our two sheep dogs, Madge and Alfie, both border collies.

And new members of the farmyard gang include budgies and not forgetting our duck pond with its resident waterfowl.


And who can forget Tilly, our Shetland Pony.

Did you know if you’re staying with us, you can book to visit Tilly, our characterful Shetland Pony.

You’ll need to call into reception to find out more.

The alpacas, goats, sheep and donkeys are all in our fields.

They are making the most of the late summer grass before the Winter arrives.

Our hedgerows are also becoming very colourful with rosehips and other berries ripening up in the Autumn sunshine.


Visit our Indoor Play Barn this Autumn

If you are staying with us, you can visit the Mini Bees Play Barn, perfect for our younger guests to let off some steam.

The play barn includes mini tractors, our rabbit and guinea pig hutches, a sandpit and our budgies.

If you are staying with us, ask about its opening times.

Eggs for Tea …

Our chucks are laying an egg now and again.

Guests are welcome to check on the progress of our hens, and see if they’ve laid an egg or not!

Alpaca Adventures

Alpaca Adventures

Alpaca Adventures

Our alpacas are already seasoned adventurers and guest staying with us can book an alpaca experience during their stay on selected dates in the Autumn.

We have three alpacas that live with us here at Humble Bee Farm, and they have their own shelter too.

Say Hello to Our Goats

Our goats are very friendly and really don’t mind their photos being taken.

They live in their own pen which used to house our pigs and piglets.

The goat enjoy nibbling all the grass and other plants too.

Ask about our Guinea Pigs

Our guinea pigs make lovely squeaking noises. Please ask to see them if you’re staying with us.

Peter and Flopsy

Named after Beatrix Potter’s famous bunny rabbits, Peter and Flopsy are our two new rabbits.

You can see them in their spacious cages.


Did you know we’ve also got our two budgies, a male called Jules and a female called Blondie.

They can be found in our cool barn area in their spacious cages.

Just To Say …

Any animal on our farm can have the potential to spit, nip or bite so always, always take care when you say ‘hello’.

Did You Know …

As the Winter approaches, we put a lot of our animals in the big barn.

Our big barn also becomes our Festival Barn in December during which Santa and his sleigh will also be visiting!