May 2022 is BBQ Month!

14th February 2022

Did you know that May is National Barbeque Month? 

Many of us don’t need an excuse to fire up the barbie, and that includes guests here at Humble Bee Farm.
We are totally prepared with the Smoke Shack, our very own, spacious barbeque hut!

Guests staying on site can hire our BBQ hut for an additional tariff and it seats up to 16 people, subject to availability. 

If you’re staying onsite and you hire our bbq hut for any date in May 2022, you will get a FREE Smores Kit including marshmallows, a branch toasting skewer and biscuits. Yummy! 

Celebrate National Barbeque Month in May 2022 with us here at Humble Bee Farm! 

Who Made Our BBQ Hut? 

As you know, we love to use as many UK-based businesses as possible and our lovely Smoke Shack is hand-built by the Derbyshire-based company Arctic Cabins using sustainable Arctic pine. 

It is based on a Scandinavian design and is located in a peaceful part of our farm so it’s ideal for a quiet, chilled-out celebration. 

The hut is perfect for that special occasion if you’re staying with us here at the place to bee! 

Please note the Smoke Shack is ONLY available to guests already staying onsite with us, thank you. 

What Does the BBQ include? 

This octagonal-shaped hut seats up to 16 people but no more. 

There is comfy in-the-round seating surrounding a superb central Polar Mealli Scandinavian BBQ Grill and chimney, and bbq coals are included. 

A handy table circles the grill for a great eating experience. 

The hut includes double glazed windows to keep it cosy and a double skin door with a secure Yale lock. 

Other little quirky features include a reindeer antler-shaped door handle, a shingle roof, timber floor and a cosy reindeer-inspired rug. 

What Happens During National Barbeque Month? 

This national campaign promotes all things bbq, from delicious recipes to bbq safety. 

Of course, most of us enjoy the barbie due to its social aspect and the fact it can take place in the great outdoors. 

Here at Humble Bee Farm, we can help get your bbq event off to a great start with a pre-ordered, locally sourced bbq pack from Trotters Butcher (please inform us of any food intolerances and ensure you order a week in advance), or you can bring your own food. 

Tasty BBQ Ideas! 

Whether you eat meat or follow a plant-based diet, barbecuing can add delicious smoky flavours to fresh food. 

And of course, food always tastes better freshly cooked, and eaten in great company. 

Classic additional and tasty flavours you can add to your bbq food include ground cumin, smoked paprika, rosemary, oregano and garlic. 

You can’t go wrong with a sprinkling of salt, crushed black pepper, dried chilli and cayenne pepper. 

Don’t forget to bring your condiments such as smoked table sauces, too, along with some liquid refreshments. 

You can buy soft drinks, chilled Prosecco, wine and beer at The Hive, our onsite shop, during busy times.  

What Are Smores?

For the uninitiated, Smores are an American campfire treat and the word ‘smores’ is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘some more’. 

They are usually made up of a ‘sandwich’ of two biscuits and a marshmallow with marshmallow forming the ‘filling’.

These are then put onto the skewer and cooked over an open flame. Watch the marshmallows melt, making you want ‘some more!’  … who can resist! 

What To Do Next? 

If you have already booked your accommodation with us, why not check availability of our bbq hut? 

Or if you haven’t booked your stay with us yet, then get in touch to book your accommodation and the Smoke Shack. 

Everything is subject to availability. 

Tariffs are: 

£75.00 for one night (autumn, winter) 

£100.00 for one night (spring, summer) 

Damage deposit also payable, which will be returned if there are no issues with the hut once it’s been vacated.