Sheep Quiz! – Have a go yourself!

21st April 2020

Humble Bee HQ have come up with a fun, sheep quiz for you all to get involved with whilst you are stuck at home! Have a go and let us know how you get on!

The quiz is below, and the answers are further down the page, so don’t come back to that section until you have given it your best shot! Good Luck!

There is also a colouring section on the 2nd page, please do send us these as the team at Humble Bee HQ would love to see them!

There is a copy on this page, and there is also a printable version if you click on the download button! Thank you everyone for giving it a go!

Here are the Sheep Quiz Answers!

  1. A ram is the name of a Male sheep
  2. A Ewe is the name of a Female sheep
  3. The coat of sheep is used to make Wool
  4. Sheep originated in the UK (United Kingdom)
  5. A flock of sheep, is a called a gathering of sheep
  6. When sheep eat grass, they are grazing
  7. A baby sheep is called a lamb
  8. Sheep have 4 top front teeth! (this was a sneaky trick question from Farmer Percy!)
  9. The correct term for a sheep giving birth is lambing
  10. Sheep have 4 stomachs

We hope you did well! Thank you to everyone who took part!

Team Humble Bee