Everything you need to know about the Deluxe Wigwam, Log Fired Hot Tubs!

The Scandinavian wood fired hot tub with our Running Water Deluxe cabins makes for a very special experience here at Humble Bee Farm.

They offer a perfect way to relax here in the heart of the Yorkshire Wolds. 

As the name suggests, the wood fired hot tubs are similar to an open fire and need lots of special attention.

Part of the enjoyment is creating the fire that heats your hut tub – very Scandi!

Remember you can have our Hot Tub Starter Pack – ideal if you are arriving after work or school!



  • It is important to pre-order at least two trugs of our specially treated wood for your log fired hot tub, which should be sufficient to get your hot tub up to temperature on your first night. More logs can be purcahsed from reception for the rest of your stay.
  • When you first use your hot tub, it takes up to two trugs of timber to get the water up to the required temperature of 38 degrees. Please use the thermostat to keep tabs on the temperature.
  • We recommend arriving at 2pm or shortly after if you wish to use your hot tub at a reasonable hour, as it takes between 3 and 4 hours for the hot tub to get up to temperature. 
  • Use up to six logs at a time and NO MORE when building and maintaining the fire.
  • Our logs are specially treated for hot tub use, other logs will not allow the fire to ignite.
  • You can use the wooden paddle for stirring the water – it is not a poker for the fire!
  • Fire extinguishers are located round the site & are indicated on your site map given to you on arrival.
  • Our hot tubs are thoroughly checked after each use and prior to new guests arriving. Any damaged sustained to the hot tubs during your stay is payable by you, the guest.

What do to on arrival:

The first thing you will need to do after checking in is to get those hot tub logs burning – we have put clear instructions will in your Wigwam®.

After it has reached temperature it will just need topping up with logs occasionally for the duration of your stay.

Please ensure you check the water temperature before getting in.

However, if you are unable to arrive until a later time, then please let us know.

We offer a starter pack* which includes two trugs of wood, firelighters and a pre-warmed hot tub, although we can’t guarantee it’ll be up to 38 degrees in time for your arrival.

**We strongly reccommend the hot tub starter service from September-March**

*48 hours notice required.

Please also see the 5 step process to getting your hot tub ready. This can be found in your wigwam.