Farmyard Gang in Farmer Percy’s Barn!

As a New Year dawns, our farmyard gang are cosy and snug in Farmer Percy’s barn!

The barn includes the fun and furry members of the farmyard gang.

We have our alpacas, goats, donkeys, a Shetland pony, sheep and guineapigs.


Who can visit the Barn?

If you book your stay with us, guests can visit the barn at any time and join Farmer Percy on his rounds at 9am.

The barn is just opposite reception. It does get muddy so bring wellington boots or similar.


Farmyard Gang … All Creatures Great and Small!

You will hear the squeaks of our guinea pigs, who are often snuggling in the hay.

They love nibbling on orange peel, too, so they must have lots of vitamin c to keep them healthy and their coats shiny.


Farmyard Gang … the goats!

Goats can be very cheeky and adventurous.

We’ve had pygmy goats in the past who ate just about anything.

We now got Alfie, Sue and Dougie, who have long ears and are very inquisitive.

They love to say hello to everyone!

Tilly the Shetland Pony

Tilly is now a veteran member of the Farmyard Gang.

She is a feisty Shetland and has lots of spirit and whinnies!

Farmyard Gang … the Alpacas!

These are the newest members of the Farmyard Gang.

Called Belita, Erin and Freya, they have lovely soft coats and big eyes.

They are a little bit shy but will always want to see our visitors.

They are very fond of carrots, too.

Jessica and Daisy, our Donkeys

These two retired seaside donkeys are now taking it easy in our barn.

Donkeys can be quite verbal and they love to see Farmer Percy as this means food is on the way!

Other Farmyard Friends

We have our duckpond, too, with plenty of ducks quaking around all day.

We have our cheerful chucks in the hen run, and sometimes they lay a fresh egg for guests to collect.

Farmer Percy’s Helpers

Farmer Percy has two border collies, Alfie and Madge who help him round up his sheep.

Sometimes they hitch a ride on Farmer Percy’s quad bike.

Keep an eye open for our farm cats, too!

When you enter the barn, make sure if you have a dog that your pet stays with one of your own gang so as not to frighten the animals.

All children must also have a grown up with them.