Christmas 2023 At Humble Bee Farm

Christmas 2023 At Humble Bee Farm

 Humble Bee Farm is a firm favourite Christmas destination if you love glamping and a Christmassy experience in our Festive Barn.

The Festive Barn is open to our booked guests only, thank you, and is free to use during your stay with us.

As winter arrives, and the Christmas star appears in the sky, our Festive barn become homes to our Festive Farmyard Gang.

See our alpacas, goats, sheep, donkeys, Tilly the Shetland Pony, guinea pigs, rabbits and more.

And it simply wouldn’t be Christmas without a visit from Santa Claus and his Reindeer!

They will be here at the place to bee. 

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Our Festive Barn

Our Festive Barn is opposite to our main Reception and is open during the daytime.

If you’ve booked your stay with us, you can visit it anytime during the day.

We will have our very special letterbox, into which children young and old can write their letters to Santa.

There will be a special area where you can set pen to paper and write that important letter.

You can also see Santa’s Grotto, Santa’s bright red Sleigh, Santa’s own Christmas Tree and twinkling fairy lights.

Farmer Percy also does his rounds at 9am each day, weather permitting.

This year we’ll also feature one of our tractors decked in fairly lights.

Our goats are very friendly and they’ve spent the summer in their own enclosed area.

During the colder months, our goats live in the barn.

They are full of character and are always glad to see a human.

The alpacas are very inquisitive with large, dark eyes, twitching noses and pointy ears.

They love their food and enjoy seeing human beings.

They are also very partial to carrots.

Tilly our Shetland Pony is a real character with a soft nose, cloppy hooves and long man.

She can be a bit of a diva, but she does love a groom.

We also have two retired donkeys, Jessica and Daisy.

They’ve been with us since Spring 2022.

They are very peaceful creatures and have very long ears.

We are sure that these two love a good gossip as they shelter in our undercover barn.

The sheep are also sheltering in our barn.

However, we are getting ready for lambing in March 2024.

We also have our smaller creatures, including guinea pigs, rabbits and budgies.

Humble Bee also has two sheep dogs, Madge and Alfie, who can often be seen with Farmer Percy on his rounds.

We mustn’t forget our hens who are in the hen run and of course our friendly ducks who gossip among themselves all day long!

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