Mini Farmer Club

7th April 2022

It’s that time of year again!

Farmer Percy will be hosting his Mini Farmer Club this season daily between Saturday 9th April and Sunday 24th April at 9am!

Farmer Percy will be showing our younger guests staying on site what the farming life is all about!

From feeding the chickens to checking on the pigs, from seeing to the crops to knowing the cattle are in fine fettle, Farmer Percy will be inspiring the next generation of farmers once the kids are off.

The pet lambs will be pleased to see you all, and if any are hungry there may be a feeding opportunity!

As well as teaching youngsters about how a farm works on a daily basis, our mini farmers might also meet Alfie our sheepdog and Tilly the Shetland Pony. 

Once Farmer Percy has done his Mini Farmer Club, guests can then explore our stunning farm walks.
We have three to choose from with short to medium distances.

The views are amazing including the rolling hills of the Yorkshire Wolds. Depending on the time of year, the fields are awash with bright colours including scarlet poppies, yellow sunflowers and purple thistles. 

Visitors can also see the changing colours of our crops, from lush greens to golden sheens.

Of course, Humble Bee Farm attracts lots of wildlife from curlews to lapwings, from barn owls to skylarks.

Summer visitors will see our flock of Texel sheep grazing contentedly in the fields, and see our Belted Galloways taking shade under the trees on hot days.

If you are booked in to stay with us, then remember to ask about times and dates. 

This is for guests staying on site only.