Farmyard Fun at Humble Bee Farm 

Hello from the Humble Bee farmyard gang!

Our farmyard gang has really missed you, our lovely guests.

Now our visitors can return, it’s time for a full farmyard update!

Meet Madge

Dogs are a big part of life here at Humble Bee! 

We have our Border Collie, Alfie, our Dascshund Winnie and we have now got our new puppy called Madge as part of the pawsome pack.
Madge is a female Border Collie pup who is an absolute bundle of joy. 

She is still quite young and will be gradually getting used to life at the place to be with all its exciting smells, sights, and sounds.

You might see her out walking with Farmer Percy so keep your eyes and ears open!

Birds of a Feather 
Our chicken run is looking very fine with lots of feathered friends making a new appearance.

Our cheerful chucks include some new arrivals who just love pecking about all day. 

We can hear them clucking contentedly as they enjoy the sunshine and look forward to being fed by Farmer Percy.

Of course, they are laying some truly delicious eggs. Our little visitors can have one egg a day each (if the hens are laying), and you can’t get much fresher than that!

Perfect Pigs

Our two Oxford and Sandy Black sows, Pinkie and Perky, have just had their babies and mums and piglets are doing well. 

The piglets are adorable, and their mums are very proud of their litters, although they can be a ‘trotter’ full!

Chewing the Cud

Regular visitors will notice that we have our heritage herd of Belted Galloway cattle, with their distinctive black and white markings and rough coats.

We have our small heard of Belted Galloways, including some calves, who just love the lush grass here at Humble Bee.

Pet Lambs

Our lambing season was a busy one although we weren’t allowed visitors this year. We would usually have our special weekends in March with Farmer Percy showing guests the miracle of new-born lambs arriving into the world. 

However, our lovely ewes are still here at the farm, and as Texels, they are a hardy breed and can have quite large lambs. 

We are looking forward to having our lambing weekends next year, fingers crossed.

We’ve got three pet lambs that guests can see when they stay on site, too!

Duckpond Antics

Another favourite of the farmyard are our ducks! 

They adore quaking about all day, enjoying the duck pond and keeping their beaks and feathers nice and clean.

Our ducks are quite large with big tufts on their heads and are called Crested Runner Ducks. They like nothing better than gathering for their daily swims and see what our guests get up to.

Talk to Tilly

Our Shetland Pony, Tilly, is now one of the most popular members of the farmyard gang! This pot-bellied pony is very friendly and will whinny her ‘hellos’ to anyone who’ll listen. 

She adores juicy carrots, loves shaking your mane and seeing everyone here at Humble Bee Farm.

Stretch Those Legs

And if you love a nice stroll or a longer walk, we now have three farm walks that take you around the perimeters of our fields and pastures.

We’ve had new signage put in place and lots of new fencing to keep our animals and humans safe. We have Piggy Back Walk, Merry Dale, and Staxton View, all with stunning views and a great way to get some fresh air, spot the incredible wildlife and enjoy the big open skies of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Remember to bring suitable footwear the walks are on uneven ground. They are well signposted but if in doubt, ask a member of staff for more information. 

Here’s to the Summer, Farmer Percy Club will be returning!

As we hope to welcome the summer weather and lots of new friends, our farmyard gang is on hand to help guests have that truly unique Humble Bee experience while staying with us here in the Yorkshire Wolds.

Farmer Percy is so excited to restart the Mini Farmer Clubs! Become a mini farmer for the morning and adventure round the farm yard with Farmer Percy!

Starting Monday 26th July 2021!

We look forward to seeing you soon!