The Festive Barn at Humble Bee Farm in December 2024

Christmas at Humble Bee Farm is a truly special festive experience this year thanks to the new Farmyard Gang arrivals, now all cosy and warm in our Festive Barn!

Alpacas, goats, sheep, donkeys, a Shetland pony, guinea pigs, and not forgetting Santa and his reindeer are all part of our festive farmyard crew.

Guests who book their glamping or cottage accommodation with us here at Humble Bee Farm for a stay during December can see the barn for FREE during their staycation.

Keep reading for all the latest festive Farmyard fun!

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Where is Our Festive Barn?

Our Festive Barn is in our farmyard, opposite our shop and reception.

It is open during the daytime and early risers can join Farmer Percy on his rounds at around 9am, during which he feeds and checks the Farmyard Gang.

As Christmas is such a special time of year, Santa himself is keeping watch over the animals and his wicker reindeer are also taking a rest before their busiest time of year.

You will also be able to see our old Fergie tractor, decorated with fairy lights, and see Santa’s bright red sleigh!

Festive barn

The Goats

Anyone who’s visited Humble Bee Farm in the past will remember our two pygmy goats, Daisy and Bluebell.

They were very mischievous creatures and loved eating just about everything!

We have two new goats who have settled in nicely in the Festive Barn.

They are called Sue and Dougie!

Two of the goats are a special breed, called British Toggenburgs, who are brother and sister and will be two years old in January.

We also have a male Boer goat. He will turn three in March 2024.

All the goats have lovely temperaments and are full of character.

They love being stroked, enjoy hand feeding and relish humans showing them affection.

Their diet includes a cup of goat food each day, fruit, vegetables and haylage.

Who knows, in the future, we might even have baby goats, called kids!


The Alpacas

Our alpacas have lovely big eyes, pointy ears and twitching noses.

They are very happy in the Festive Barn in the spacious pen next to our donkeys.

The alpacas are in tip top condition, and all their injections up to date, which is an essential part of looking after them properly.

The alpacas all have different fluffy coats, in various colours from pale cream to a dark chocolate shade.

They are called Belita, Erin and Freya.

Erin and Freya are staying with us just for December

In January, Erin and Freya will go back to their home and we’ll get two new Alpacas.

All these girls are very friendly and simply adore food.

They will follow anyone who has some grub on offer!

A little secret … they all totally love carrots, it’s their favourite nibble!

Festive Barn

Tilly the Shetland Pony

Tilly is now a firm favourite with both the staff and our guests.

She is our cheeky Shetland Pony who has a rounded tummy and a very long mane.

Our Tilly loves clopping her hooves on the ground and her bright eyes are always looking for someone to come and give her a brush.

She’s loving all her new ‘neigh’ bours too!


Jessica and Daisy, Our Retired Donkeys

In Spring 2022, Jessica and Daisy arrived.

The pair are retired donkeys who have been grazing on fresh grass during the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Now the Winter is here, they are undercover in our Festive Barn.

They are also partial to a carrot or two.

Jessica and Daisy listen to all the gossip from the rest of the Farmyard Gang with their long, soft ears.

Our Flock of Sheep

While the lambing season is still some time off, some of this year’s lambs are sheltering in the barn.

They are very inquisitive and make their presence felt with their loud bleats!

If you love the idea of joining us for lambing, then don’t delay, as we have our Lambing Weekends in March each year.

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The Guinea Pigs

Our guinea pigs were a huge hit in the Summer and we even had some babies!

They are now safely inside in their own mini pen.

If you see them in the morning, they make their characteristic squeaks by way of a welcome.

They spend all day scurrying about, playing in their pen and nibbling on tasty vegetables.

Our Sheep Dogs

Our sheep dogs, Alfie and Madge, are very loyal to Farmer Percy and help him on his rounds.

Both dogs have totally different personalities.

Madge gets very excited and has boundless energy.

She can also be very patient and waits for Farmer Percy when he’s rounding up his sheep.

Alfie is very much the boss and is a loving dog.

Both love a walk and members of the Humble Bee Farm team often take them for walkies during their lunch breaks.

What About the Chucks?

Humble Bee Farm wouldn’t be the same without our hens!

They are kept safely in their very own chicken run.

Sometimes they lay a fresh egg which guests can collect themselves!

The Duck Pond

We have some ducks who swim and quack happily on our duckpond all year round.

We have a couple of tufted ducks who are quite large and you can’t miss their feathery tufts on the top of their heads.

You will often see them walking around the farmyard too, discussing that day’s farmyard happening.

What About Christmas Decorations?

Our Festive Barn is decorated with Christmas lights and a sparkling tree complete with a Christmas Star that shines all day.

You will also spot the wicker reindeer and two shepherds standing guard in front of the Christmas Tree.

Don’t forget to capture all the special memories by taking photos and selfies, and we’d love you share them on social media.

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Can I Write to Santa?

Guests of all ages, young or old, are strongly encouraged to write to Santa while they’re in our Festive Barn.

We’ve provided a special area with table, chair, paper, pens and our very own post box.

Be sure to post your letter to Santa during your stay with us!

Will Santa Be There?

We have Santa here just waiting to see our guests, sat on his festive sleigh.

Santa has a very long, white fluffy beard.

He has a belt and a shiny golden buckle, very large buttons and some lovely red gloves to keep his hands warm.


How Do We Visit the Festive Barn?

The Festive Barn is free to visit for all our guests who are staying in our accommodation here at Humble Bee Farm.

You can book your accommodation here, subject to availability.